betty danon_1991

Betty Danon

Conceptual artist and visual poet.
She was born in Istanbul and she lived in Milan, Italy, since 1956. She worked with Sound and Sign, starting from Jungian symbology, reducing circle and square in their primal elements - dot and line - that she will develop in her future works: abstract musical scores and interventions on Sound and Sign.

She partecipated, in Italy and abroad, in many personal and collective exhibitions and twice in Special Exhibitions within the Venice Biennial, in 1978 and in 1980. Her work is well documented in many contemporary art magazines and 
international art archives.

She voluntarily left, in the 1980's, the conventional art circuits in order to share her work with artists
from all over the world trough Mail Art, and in order
 to spread her creative spirit trough precious creativity ateliers, for either the professional and also
the non professional public.

Using the computer, since 1989, she realized some of her best works in the field of Visual Poetry, creating, in the process, several books; some of them
are published, some home printed
and others are "piece unique".

Betty Danon's works are actually at the MART Museum of Trento and Rovereto (Italy) - where her archives are too. Her books are also at the Rare Books Department of the Ohio State University, in the Poetry Collection of the State University of New York, in the Sackner archives, and in museums and libraries of more then
25 nations in the world.

On April 23rd, 2002, Betty Danon left for Rainbowland, her poetry's magic world.

betty danon at her exposition_1980

betty danon in san francisco_1986