dichiarazione di poetica 1972

departure from the circle

magic archetype
eternal perfect total absolute
the circle breaks into
hiding behind the bars
puzzlement before
the original enigma
looking for the square
and in moments of grace
here comes the mandala
a universal archetype.
the circle disappears
almost out of shame
the square remains
more human less perfect
it breaks it widens
it becomes structure
it breaks into moduli and submoduli
it gets in between the bars
that change break
meet in a play
of visual perceptions.
the symbology of the beginning
shows itself in the steady
attraction of the opposites
of rational and intuitive
definite and imponderable
logic and poetic
planned and fortuitous.
the ultimate aim:
rarefaction of the image-matter
spiritual-cosmic communication.

Betty Danon 1972

poem 1973

(...) All my work is based on a dynamic
and dialectic research within an interior
dimension invariably centred on man
as a spectator and protagonist in a world
of endless combinations and probabilities…
all considered a big enigma about
what concerns being and becoming,
the happenings of micro and macrocosm,
the mystery of chance, the ambiguity of reality.

The basic element I use to express myself
is l i n e, as a dynamic psychic force.
By superimposing signs and the endless
possibile combinations I carry out an analysis
of surface-space, space-time-rhythm
relationships, and I make what I call
“abstract scores”.

Betty Danon
poetics declaration 1975