the making of a rainbow  1979

The land of rainbows,
a huge stive-bridge of air water light
gathering everybody’s “sounds”

It started in ’76
as the background to a fairy-tale;
in time it developed to become a poetic symbol
of “elsewhere”, the alibi, the password
to the threshold of the absurd, of the magic,
of the mythical concept of time and space.
The opportunity to climb over walls
and go playing with others..

alice in rimbaudland_1980


On her way back from Wonderland, Alice ventures on  colorful Rainbowland.
She decreases on time dimension and find herself with the body of a one years old child.
There she discovers the homonymy between Rainbow e Rimbaud.

Rainbowland became the excuse for a series of works in progress that deal about
this non place like a reality to render official.
Rimbaudland is the magical land of poetry, where rainbow's colors transform themselves in Rimbaud vowels, in a space of sign/sound/color.

tessera di cittadinanza onoraria di Rainbowland a Einstein_1978

a possible rainbow_detail_1977

rainbow koans (dettaglio)_1977

performance over coni zugna (dettaglio)